We want to hear from you about your experience!

We want to hear from you about your experience!

At Southern Lamps, Inc., we strive to make sure that we have been going above and beyond to meet your needs and expectations. Our mission is to make your experience as streamlined and simple as possible – we want to hear from you!

Have we ever bailed you out of a jam to make sure your business didn’t have to skip a beat?

Or maybe you’re just exceptionally happy with our products and services or know someone who is?

We want to hear from you! Unlike most companies who are just concerned with sales and the bottom line, we really appreciate any feedback so we can ensure the success of your business.

Write us and tell us how we have made a positive impact for you and your company and you may even appear in our monthly newsletter!

Here’s to a great start to the year and as usual we couldn’t do it without you.

-Your friends at Southern Lamps, Inc.

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