UV Lamps Used to Make Artificial Snow

UV Lamps Used to Make Artificial Snow

UV Lamps Used to Make Artificial Snow

Did you know that UV lamps are used in the process of making artificial snow?  With all eyes on the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea we figured this was the perfect UV industry to spotlight this month!

Why does artificial snow need to be made from clean water? 

The water used to produce artificial snow must be disinfected during the snow making process to prevent pollution to the area it is being spread over. As the snow melts at the end of the winter the run off will most likely make its way into local water sources.  Disinfecting the water will ensure that the local aquifer or water sources will not be contaminated.

Why do ski resorts need to make snow? 

Snow making in areas that are struggling with precipitation levels in winter presents a particular problem – if there is low rainfall all year round then there may be a limited supply of reservoir water to make the snow from. Smart ski area operators are increasingly turning to recycling wastewater for their snow making requirements, but this means the treatment and disinfection of the water is even more important.

What kind of UV lamps are used to disinfect water for snow making?

Medium-pressure UV lamps in compact disinfection systems are perfect for this application, as they can treat a wide range of flow rates at the pumping station. The implementation of these systems in ski resort’s snow making facilities will ensure that snow is made from clean water, free from harmful microbes and disinfection chemical by-products.

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