UV Industry of the Month: Stormwater Overflow Treatment

UV Industry of the Month: Stormwater Overflow Treatment

Did you know that UV disinfection is used in the process of stormwater overflow treatment?

Stormwater originates during high-levels of precipitation or when snow and ice melts quickly resulting in large volumes of water.  Aside from the danger to life and property from flash flooding, the sudden increase in water can overwhelm drainage and sewage systems, particularly older infrastructure with limited volumetric and hydraulic capacity. Run-off from storm water must be treated to protect nearby ecosystems in order to to ensure dangerous microorganisms don’t end up in waterways or areas where contamination could affect people. Most municipal water treatment plants process stormwater, but due to the unpredictability and speed at which it can occur, new methods of treating the water are needed to replace traditional chlorine dosing.

UV disinfection systems are increasingly being implemented to deal with stormwater, ensuring it can be quickly disinfected and released back into local waterways without it needing to be held in tanks and without harmful by-products seen when chemical methods are used. UV disinfection is also low-cost and has low labor costs in the long term, making it an excellent choice for stormwater treatment.

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