Two Lamp Maintenance Tips You Should Be Following

Two Must Do Lamp Maintenance Tips

Although there are several tips you should be using to ensure your lamps are gaining optimal lamp life, there are two easy ones that will have a huge impact. 

1. Keep Lamps Clean

All lamps attract dust and contaminants during normal operation.  Lamps should be cleaned at least once a month using a lint-free cloth soaked in IPA (isopropyl alcohol) or methylated spirits.  Never touch quartz lamps with bare hands.  Natural oily deposits left by fingers and palms create an opaque mark on the lamp thereby reducing the UV transmission.  These marks also cause the quartz to break down, causing premature lamp failure.  Use caution when cleaning near the ends of the lamps excessive pressure may remove or smear the coating protecting the lamp electrodes.

2. Reflectors

Another way to keep lamp efficiency at its optimum is to clean the reflectors regularly; the surface should be bright and shiny.  The curing efficiency of UV lamps can be reduced by as much as 50% by dull, corroded reflectors.  Check reflectors and replace them once they become dull or distorted.  Many UV reflectors are designed to focus light onto the substrate; a reflector that is out of shape may focus the light unevenly, creating the potential for uneven curing.

For a full list of addition tips please visit our UV Lamp Maintenance page

UV Lamp Maintenance



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