Tell me again why is it that you are paying more to wait longer?

Tell me again why is it that you are paying more to wait longer?

Did you know that a major manufacturer is closing one of their main factories? What does this mean for you and the arrival of your products? Other than paying more to wait longer…

Some customers are already having to suffer from lead times that take upwards of 4-5 months. As you may have guessed this problem will only continue to increase causing unwanted headaches for both you and your business.

Imagine waiting months for an order.  What would that cost you in lost production? Can you afford to postpone your jobs 4-5 months at a time?

We didn’t think so.

When looking for an alternate source, instead of buying from the OEM and spending more money than you should, give us a try instead!

We are familiar with all of the following lamps and if you do not see your number below give us a call!


AM302X AM303X AM2621X AM1556X AM1817X
AM3405X AM354X AM382X AM404X AM417X
AM1650X AM625X AM398X AM521X AM41X
AM420X AM4555X AM449X AM491X AM3945X
AM101X AM148X AM158X AM161X AM182X
AM3425X AM623X AM921X AM975X AM1115X
AM223X AM232X AM235X AM239X AM245X
AM1142X AM1208X AM1247X AM2730X AM1248X
AM1249X AM1554X AM1556X AM1940X AM3589X
AM1666X AM1859X AM1873X AM1911X AM1922X
AM1933X AM1953X AM1994X AM2028X AM2045X
AM2082X AM2084X AM2092X AM2103X AM2114X
AM2153X AM2158X AM2186X AM2210X AM2216X
AM2240X AM2241X AM2319X AM2423X AM2466X
AM2469X AM2507X AM2569X AM2592X AM2602X
AM247X AM250X AM252X AM265X AM292X
AM2713X AM4348X AM2740X AM2850X AM3012X
AM3027X AM3052X AM3068X AM3087X AM3141X
AM3173X AM3177X AM3178X A,3187X AM3227X
AM3261X AM3372X AM3526X AM3529X AM3588X
AM3604X AM3800X AM3881X AM3909X AM3909X
AM3923X AM4159X AM4203X AM4299X AM4403X
AM4404X AM4511X AM4570X AM4672X AM4674X
AM4719X AM4730X AM4749X AM4753X AM5720X
AM4822X AM4842X AM4907X AM5062X AM5087X
AM5107X AM5156X A,5204X AM5245X AM5273X
AM5276X AM5307X AM2885X AM2525X AM4381X
AM3275X AM5209X AM2317X AM1348X AM1527X
AM1996X AM1810X AM3039X AM5412X AM1959X
AM2562X AM4814X AM4042X AM4429X AM1726X
AM296X AM3017X AM4456X AM2364X AM3217X
AM331X AM2482X AM2721X AM2328X AM5480X
AM3208X AM383X AM2092X AM3205X AM3205X
AM1890X AM2192X AM2722X AM3100X AM2112X
AM4263X AM362X AM117X AM1670X AM3956X
AM2224X AM351X AM3224X AM2144X AM4991X
AM756X AM4978X AM3085X AM3271X AM4235X
AM1528X AM4069X AM4133X AM2994X AM3425X
AM2094X AM2312X AM1095X AM3335X AM7125X
AM2210X AM220X AM3249X AM1011X AM1817X
AM4162X AM1172X AM1979X AM2588X AM3570X
AM88X AM505X AM2706X AM2957X AM202X
AM2924X AM2354X AM2957X AM5456X AM414X
AM5334X AM4069X AM3361X AM1455X AM4247X
AM178X AM6662X AM71X AM3265X AM2569X
AM5133X AM2796X AM4348X AM2475X AM2484X
AM3524X AM6375X AM5372X AM7600X AM2317X
AM2052X AM109X AM920X AM224X AM7958X
AM3495X AM2887X AM4107X AM5932X AM3252X
AM266X AM3049X AM2270X AM2411X AM6219X
AM3003X AM2747X AM4496X AM4961X AM108X
AM1226X AM5420X AM239X AM792X AM4090X
AM3552X AM3954X AM1545X AM3444X AM798X
AM540X AM2587X AM605X AM2000X AM1180X
AM1937X AM4407X AM3442X AM323X


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