SubZero LED Systems

SubZero LED Systems

We now carry SubZero LED systems!

SubZero, the world’s leading UV curing systems for wide format graphics now introduces the next generation of the family; SubZero LED systems. If you are currently using the SubZero Arc range and would like to switch to LED then the new SubZero LED range is the perfect option for you.

SubZero LED will out-perform all competitive UV LED products in the air-cooled category. SubZero LED is a viable, cost effective fully integrated package for any future development program, as well as being an easy retro fit for all existing platforms using SubZero arc products.

SubZero LED Standard Features
8W/cm² @ 395nm (measured 1mm from the surface of the emitting window)
Variable power 0 – 10 (low – high) 0 – 100%
Proven air flows that do not disrupt ink jetting
High flex cable 8m as standard, optional up to 12m available
Fully field serviceable for extended operating life
Similar mountings to SubZero arc products
Models to suit all wide format graphics printers
Equivalent output performance to SubZero arc products, eg scanning platforms operating at speeds in excess of 1m/sec in a 2 pass mode
Comprehensive warranty

Eight models available, with:

Various cure lengths
Various emitting window sizes
Various LED head weights
Various overall unit sizes
Various power supplies

We supply:

SubZero LED 060
SubZero LED 090
SubZero LED 120
SubZero LED 150
SubZero LED 180
SubZero LED 210
SubZero LED 240
SubZero LED 270

Power Supply

100/250V 50Hz / 60Hz

200/250V 50Hz / 60Hz

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