STOP Being April Fooled

STOP Being April Fooled

This April 1st, don’t allow yourself to become April Fooled by the competition yet again. If you’re tired of their empty promises, them constantly under delivering, and not putting you and your business needs first — then it’s time to STOP putting up with them, and it’s time to start thinking about Southern Lamps.


Special online UV lamp promotions, prices are often dependent on availability and are subject to change… if it seems too good to be true…..
Southern Lamps typically holds their prices for a year to help you budget!


Time is a valuable thing to waste and other manufacturers don’t mind doing it. Quit wasting time waiting for those important items to arrive.
Southern Lamps keeps all of our client’s popular items in stock and on hand. Getting you back to business ASAP.


OEM’s warning of damage issues caused by non OEM supplied lamps.

Southern Lamps stands by the high quality UV and IR lamps we supply.  Our returns due to defect are less than 1% of all we sell. Most OEM’s use several sources for their lamps, some we represent independently.


Product warranties and return policies – please read the fine print!
Southern Lamps offers one of the best lamp warranties in the industry. This is made possible because we source premium lamps to ensure our customers enjoy optimum lamp performance.

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