If your reflector liners look like this, you need to call us ASAP

If your reflector liners look like this, you need to call us ASAP

Do you need to replace your reflector liners?

Not only is it good practice to change your reflectors often, but in the long run it will actually save you money. Did you know that the curing efficiency of UV lamps can be reduced by as much as 50% due to dull and corroded reflectors? If your reflectors are dull or distorted it’s time to replace them! Reflectors that are out of shape will focus the light unevenly creating the potential for uneven curing. Convinced yet? Well if you like saving money and having a better overall cure / performance you should be.

Have you gone to check on your reflectors yet? If they look like this, it’s time for a new set!

After ordering and installing your new reflectors make sure you keep them clean and shiny to ensure optimum efficiency.

Standard polished aluminum reflectors for UV dryers including:

  • Aetek, American Ultraviolet (AUV), M&R, Metal Box, Online (Research Inc), Prime, SPE (Dorn), Nordson/Spectral

Dichroic coated (“blue/purple”) reflectors for:

  • Eltosch, Grafix, Honle, Nordson / Spectral

Dichroic coated quartz reflectors for:

  • GEW, IST

Clear quartz shields for:

  • GEW, Grafix, Honle, Vutek

Not sure which one you have? Just refer to our form 

Standard Reflector ID Sheet









–Your friends at Southern Lamps, Inc.

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