MZero LED Systems

MZero LED Systems

We now carry MZero LED systems! 

MZero LED systems offer a highly compact user friendly system, which can be easily integrated into your machine.

  • MZero LED 365nm
  • MZero LED 385nm
  • MZero LED 395nm
  • MZero LED 405nm

MZero LED systems are ideally suited for digital inkjet applications such as small plotters, product printers, or marking and encoding applications. It is also used in the curing of adhesives, sealants and coatings in electronics, product assembly and many other applications.

Its benefits include:

Instant on/off switch
Variable Power
Low Temperature Operation

MZero LED Standard Features
4W/cm² @ 395nm (measured 1mm from the surface of the emitting window)
Ultra Compact footprint
Instant on/off
Variable Power 0 – 100%
Total solution, simple to integrate no additional parts required
No harmful UVC output
˃ 20,000 hours service life
High flex cable 3m as standard, optional up to 12m available
Comprehensive warranty

Power Supply

100 – 250 Volts AC 50/60 Hz

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