Don’t feel left out!

Don’t feel left out!

Don’t feel left out!

Do you feel left out on the West Coast or in Canada? Don’t worry!

Southern Lamps, Inc.’s main distribution site is located in Ocala, Florida (Fun Fact: Ocala, FL is the horse capital of the world!).  We work mainly with FedEx, UPS, and Purlator to get our customers their orders quickly and efficiently – we experience a less than 1% return rate due to breakage and warranty claims.

Through our network of dealers and distributors we are not only able to ship across the continent of North America but also around the world to meet your needs.

Please check with us before your next order to get great lamp pricing and competitive shipping costs.

Do you have your own shipping account? Even better! Just provide us with your shipping account number and you can take advantage of any additional discounts you receive from your preferred shipping company.

-Your friends at Southern Lamps, Inc.

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