Because we are “wired” to ensure great quality!

Because we are “wired” to ensure great quality!

Every year millions of feet of wire and cable are used to make all types of UV lamps. These lamps are subjected to many different types of environmental conditions including extreme heat as well as high humidity. It is therefore extremely important to choose the right wire for these lamps.

For our UV lamps we use 2 different rated wires depending on the electrical rating of the lamp.

The first is a high voltage rated PTFE cable. This cable is specifically designed to not only withstand the harsh environment of the UV system, but it is also used to make reliable electrical connections to the system as well. It has an insulation of PTFE which allows it to be used in high temperature applications making it ideal for  locations where it might come into contact with a range of chemicals and resists ozone produced by UV radiation.

The alternative is a silicon insulated wire. These wires have a wide operating temperature range, but are soft and liable to breakdown with prolonged exposure to UV. This makes them best suited in applications where they have additional protection and are well shielded from the lamp whilst running.

PTFE wires can be thinner and lighter than a conventional wire for the equivalent conductor size due to their superior temperature performance making our overall product much lighter and easier to install.

PTFE wire is approved for use in UV lamps and systems due to its proven reliability and performance.

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