8 Reasons you should be buying from Southern Lamps, Inc.

What sets us apart from the other guys?

Here are 8 reasons you should be considering Southern Lamps, Inc as your premier supplier.

  1. We can help you with your UV, IR, exposure, or fluorescent lamp needs
    -Southern Lamps, Inc specializes in supplying high quality UV drying lamps and replacement IR lamps. We also offer curing/drying equipment service and repair.
  2. We hold stock
    -We even adjust our stock to cater to your needs keeping your business running as smoothly as possible.
  3. We have an extensive cross reference database of common and special lamp types.
    -Looking for something specific, check out our lamp reference guide.
  4. We can make a custom lamp
    -If we do not have your lamp type in our database, we can make a custom lamp for you based on a working sample.
  5. Over a half a century of experience.
    -We have over 55 years combined experience both in the UV and IR lamp manufacturing industries and infra red / UV drying equipment installation and field service, and can help you with any problems or issues you may be experiencing.
  6. In addition to lamps, we can help you with your reflector needs.
    -Ranging from standard aluminum, dichroic, or quartz reflectors.
  7. We are affiliated with distributors worldwide in order to assist with global distribution requirements.
    -We are the exclusive US distributor for Alpha-Cure Ltd, a leader in UV  lamp technology.  Together we can offer global distribution through our worldwide network.
  8. Our lamps are made with latest production techniques.
    -Including highest quality quartz available with lowest possible water content, life lengthening and impurity reducing furnace procedures, and purest and highest quality mercury and gases.

If your current provider can’t say the same then it’s time to give Southern Lamps, Inc a call.

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